7 Things You Forget to Appreciate About LA

I recently got back to the city of angels after spending over a month outside of the country and realized there are so many small things I under-appreciate about LA on a daily basis. I figured it was time to take a moment and be thankful for those minor perks of this city that many of us take for granted (except the traffic, of course).

1. Unchanging Weather

We've got to admit, Los Angeles seriously has the best weather in the country. With an average annual temperature of 63.8 degrees Farenheit, everyday is adventure weather.

2. Beaches on Beaches

If it's sunny almost 365 days of the year, it also means that everyday can be a beach day. Plus, you're able to get that tan you've always wanted.

3. The (somehow) comforting smell of pollution

Immediately after stepping out of the airport, you're greeted by the smell of LAX pollutionIt's something that truly makes it feel like you're back home (though, I would appreciate cleaner air). But we can't deny that all of those industrial lights make for a beautifully scenic view at night.

4. Diverse Foods

Feeling like Mexican? You got it. Craving Chinese? You got that, too. LA is home to people from many different backgrounds, meaning you get a selection of food that is as equally diverse as the population. Time to feast on some tacos and Korean BBQ in one lunch.

5. Palm Trees

If you're in LA, chances are that you see a ton of palm trees in every neighborhood, park, outdoor mall, you name it. But it's so iconic, what is LA without its beloved palm trees?

6. Freeways

Though there are freeways all over the U.S., they are not like the ones in LA. The 405, the 105, the 110, they're all a part of our vocabulary and daily routines.

7. ~Cali Vibes~

You can't experience that kind of laid back atmosphere anywhere but in California, and especially in LA. The ideal balance between the serene, relaxing beaches and the urban concrete jungle makes for a greatly constructed city that is unbeatable.