Let's Talk Scuba

First of all, I apologize for my extreme lack of content for the past three months. As a high school senior, first semester has been very hectic, but I am proud to announce that I have officially finished the college application process! (Now, just to wait) I have returned for the better and I'm ready to unleash as much of my creativity back into this blog as possible.

Anyways, the subject of the day: The pristine and extraordinary, yet slightly mysterious and frightening, 'world' that makes up 71% of the surface of this planet. Yes you guessed it right-- it's the ocean.

I come from a family of divers, so many of our vacations tend to be in warm, tropical areas renowned for diving. In November, I got the opportunity to visit Ambergris Caye, Belize to dive my fins off. On this trip we did several dives as well as many snorkeling expeditions in shallower waters. Belize is famous for its Barrier Reef (second longest reef in the world) that stretches 185 miles. Of course, having that much coral also means housing an abundance of unique sea creatures. Here is my top five list of the most notably beautiful sea creatures that I befriended on this trip.

5. The Sensible Sea Turtle

We spotted multiple sea turtles (loggerhead and green sea turtles) while both scuba diving and snorkeling. I think turtles have therapeutic powers because they never failed to make me feel happy and at peace whenever I saw them. During the sightings, they either fed on some seagrass or calmly propelled through the water. The turtles were beautiful both physically and spiritually. 

4. The Eery Eels

The green moray eels we saw were around 2-3 feet long and definitely 'green' with envy. Most of them were too shy to swim out in the open, but their intimidating eyes still showed through the crevices of the corals. Despite their creepy looks, they were majestic animals. 

3. The Glorious Grouper

On one our dives, the dive master informed us of a famous grouper named Delilah that would greet us underwater. She not only greeted us, but she also followed us around for the entire dive. Delilah was colored black with hints of green. She was mighty, but also gentle. Because she was so friendly hospitable, I thought she deserved a spot on this list.

2. The Flourishing Fish

We definitely got lucky to see a lot of colorful tropical fish, especially in Hol Chan ('little channel' in Mayan). I would recommend this spot for both diving and snorkeling more than any other place in Belize. The reef was very alive with large schools of fish, along with other animals like rays and sharks. Some fish were striped yellow and blue and some were bluish silver. I've got to admit though that seeing fish in such large schools made me slightly grossed out.

1. The Naive Nurse Sharks

The best creature of all was the nurse shark. They were so good-natured and harmless even when I was in close proximity with about 20 of them at once. The best place to swim with these sharks is hands-down in Shark Ray Alley. They ranged from about 4-6 feet in length, and their skin was rough like sand. It really felt like I got to connect to nature when the sharks were inches away from my faced.

Hope you didn't run out of air.